Nreal Light AR glasses hit U.S Verizon stores on November 30

Nreal said it will begin selling its Nreal Light augmented reality glasses in Verizon stores in the U.S. on November 30. AR/VR – VentureBeat & Dean Takahashi

Western Digital launches UFS 3.1 flash memory for new generation of 5G smartphones

Western Digital announced its second-generation UFS 3.1 flash memory storage solution for a new generation of 5G smartphones. AR/VR – VentureBeat & Dean Takahashi

Boréas launches NexusTouch sensors to bring force feedback to smartphones and gaming phones

Boréas Technologies has unveiled a new sensing technology that will give you touch feedback for new smartphones and gaming phones. AR/VR – VentureBeat & Dean Takahashi

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 is an AI and computer vision powerhouse

The next-generation flagship mobile chip leans heavily on AI chip advancements to fuel systemic performance gains, especially in imaging. AR/VR – VentureBeat & Jeremy Horwitz

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Snap uses iPhone 12 Pro’s lidar sensor for AR imagery

Snap has launched a new version of its augmented reality studio that allows users to create cool AR effects on Apple’s newest iPhone 12 Pro. AR/VR – VentureBeat & Dean Takahashi

Is Ultra-Wideband the next big wireless technology, or just more hype?

Ahead of Apple’s fall iPhone event, Samsung called Ultra-Wideband „the next big thing in wireless tech.“ Here’s why both companies are betting big on UWB. AR/VR – VentureBeat & Jeremy Horwitz

Apple announces September 15 date for online iPhone 12 reveal event

Apple’s annual fall media event is going fully online, following WWDC’s example, and despite expected iPhone delays will be only a little later than normal. AR/VR – VentureBeat & Jeremy Horwitz

Nreal Light AR glasses add VR lenses, launch August 21 in South Korea

The long-awaited consumer release of Nreal’s Android phone-ready AR glasses will happen first in South Korea, including cellular carrier subsidies. AR/VR – VentureBeat & Jeremy Horwitz

Qualcomm expects all-in-one 5G XR viewers in 1-4 years, glasses in 5-10

The key chipmaker behind AR and VR headsets is preparing for a three-stage rollout as XR wearables transition from phone-tethered to standalone 5G glasses. AR/VR – VentureBeat & Jeremy Horwitz

HTC launches Vive Sync app to let remote teams collaborate in VR

HTC has launched a VR collaboration and meeting app for enterprises as the Taiwanese tech company looks to capitalize on the rapid shift to remote working. AR/VR – VentureBeat & Paul Sawers