Blippar facilitates AR content creation through its integration with Microsoft Teams

Blippar announces its no-code AR creation tool, Blippbuilder, now integrates with the Microsoft Teams collaboration and communication app. AR/VR – VentureBeat & Kolawole Samuel Adebayo

Facebook’s AI can copy the style of text in photos from a single word

Facebook’s TextStyleBrush is an AI system that can replicate the style of fonts and handwriting to replace arbitrary text in images. AR/VR – VentureBeat & Kyle Wiggers

In a year of major shifts, the self-driving car market is consolidating

Toyota and Lyft’s $550 million deal shows wealthy companies that can bear delayed return on investment dominate the autonomous vehicle market. AR/VR – VentureBeat & Ben Dickson

Facebook’s new computer vision model achieves state-of-the-art performance by learning from random images

Facebook announced an AI model trained on a billion images that it claims achieves state-of-the-art results on a range of benchmarks. AR/VR – VentureBeat & Kyle Wiggers

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How Unity is positioning itself to democratize the metaverse

Dr. Danny Lange and Timoni West of Unity join author Charlie Fink to talk about Unity’s role in supporting the new metaverses springing up. AR/VR – VentureBeat & VB Staff

TechSee raises $30 million to streamline field service work with AR and computer vision

TechSee, a startup employing AI and computer vision to streamline field service work, raised $30 million to expand its reach. AR/VR – VentureBeat & Kyle Wiggers

Samsung: Expect 6G in 2028, enabling mobile holograms and digital twins

Samsung said today that the next generation mobile standard, 6G, may arrive earlier than initially expected, further boosting data rates for future XR apps. AR/VR – VentureBeat & Jeremy Horwitz

Librestream raises $24 million to automate field technician tasks with AI

The Canadian augmented worker platform maker is increasing its AI investments and employee count to address growing demand for quick analysis of field data. AR/VR – VentureBeat & Jeremy Horwitz

Envision brings AI to Google Glass to help visually impaired users see

Wearable smart glasses with optical character recognition and computer vision AI will help users with low vision to read, recognize people, and travel. AR/VR – VentureBeat & Jeremy Horwitz

Snapchat adds lava and water AR Lenses using ground segmentation and ML

The social network’s AR investments continue to pay off, as it can now use machine learning and computer vision segmentation to replace land with liquid. AR/VR – VentureBeat & Jeremy Horwitz