5 common metaverse misconceptions

What is the metaverse? Learn about the most common misconceptions surrounding the metaverse and whether there’s an element of truth in some. AR/VR – VentureBeat & Alex Reeve, Coinbase

Meta details plans to build the metaverse (and put Siri and Alexa to shame)

Meta offered descriptions and details on several areas of its metaverse. They included how the Facebook-led company is using AI and machine learning in the metaverse for research, product development, running a universal language translator, giving personal assistants human-level intelligence, and establishing responsible use of AI and all the personal data that goes with it. AR/VR – VentureBeat & Chris J. Preimesberger

How the metaverse will let you simulate everything

The metaverse isn’t just for games. Experts increasingly think it has applications in the enterprise, including for predictive maintenance. AR/VR – VentureBeat & Kyle Wiggers

GamesBeat and Facebook Gaming Summit: Keynote speakers announced

The keynote speakers for the second annual GamesBeat and Facebook Gaming Summit have been announced! Learn more here. AR/VR – VentureBeat & VB Staff

Why AR, not VR, will be the heart of the metaverse

Virtual worlds will become increasingly popular, but the true metaverse will be a future of augmented reality and it will be everywhere. AR/VR – VentureBeat & Louis Rosenberg, Unanimous A.I.

Nvidia’s Omniverse adds AR/VR viewing, AI training, and AI avatar creation

Nvidia’s Omniverse has grown to more than 700 companies and 70,000 individual creators that are working on projects to simulate digital twins. AR/VR – VentureBeat & Dean Takahashi

What the metaverse means for brand experiences

The metaverse is a fully immersive environment in which users leverage VR, livestreaming, and other tech to navigate a digital world. AR/VR – VentureBeat & Arthur Cole

SaaS-based film studio provides avatar ‘actors’ to make instant videos

Korean-based SaaS-based studio uses AI to coordinate the motion of the actors with the script. A director needs only upload the dialog. AR/VR – VentureBeat & Peter Wayner

Meow Wolf, Anthos team for multi-cloud app management in art shows

SADA is helping Meow Wolf with multi-cloud app management for immersive art experiences at its permanent multimedia installations. AR/VR – VentureBeat & Corinna Makris

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Facebook introduces dataset and benchmarks to make AI more ‘egocentric’

Facebook’s latest long-term research project, Ego4D, focuses on developing AI with an ‚egocentric,‘ first-person perspective. AR/VR – VentureBeat & Kyle Wiggers