Why 5G and the edge could be the keys to the metaverse

Attention may be focused on the cloud aspects of a ‘metaverse,’ but it will not get off the ground until telecoms networks can support it. AR/VR – VentureBeat & Steve Alexander, Ciena

For the metaverse, embodied reality is the true final frontier

Just as people were awed and instantly hooked by the first moving picture, embodied reality is a new way of ‚teleporting‘ to another place. AR/VR – VentureBeat & Valtteri Salomaki, EDGE Sound Research and Free Logic Inc.

NVIDIA Omniverse: From 3D collaboration at scale to fighting climate change (VB On-Demand)

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5 common metaverse misconceptions

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GameDriver releases Eponymous IX, receives seed funding

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How the metaverse could shape cybersecurity in 2022

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Logo spatialcomputing.info Nicht die Mona Lisa
Why representation now means a much better metaverse-to-come

At GamesBeat Summit, industry experts discuss what’s needed to design and build an inclusive, representative metaverse, and why it matters. AR/VR – VentureBeat & VB Staff