The Liquid Book: a new Business Model for the Educational Publishing sector

Clearly, the “Italian way” toward digital transformation has proven bumpy to say the least, and when the execution of certain activities has been rocked by force majeure events, we paid… AR Blog & Mirko Ferrari

The Contribution of Mixed Reality to Cultural Heritage during the pandemic

The global health emergency caused by the Covid-19 virus, in addition to having generated a profound impact on the industrial sector of our country and in the rest of the… AR Blog & Mirko Ferrari

How Mixed Reality can support Industry during the Covid-19 outbreak

The current pandemic situation has forced the subjects of the entire economic system to rethink work in many new ways and in no time. Even if the companies all reacted… AR Blog & Mirko Ferrari

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[INFOGRAPHIC] The history of Augmented and Virtual Reality

Augmented and Virtual Reality are current topics nowadays and some people may think they popped out of nowhere. Actually they are the result of a long series of inventions and… AR Blog & Mirko Ferrari

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Inglobe supports the Advanced School in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is, today, one of the hottest technology topics across different business communities thanks to the growing public attention towards the technical achievements in the field and the… AR Blog & Mirko Ferrari

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Luigi Freda, former Computer Vision Leader at Leonardo, joins Inglobe

We are thrilled to announce that Luigi Freda, former Head of Computer Vision at Selex ES MUAS (now Leonardo) has joined our team as Chief Research Officer. Luigi received the… AR Blog & Mirko Ferrari

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Why not all the Smartglasses are AR Glasses

The debate around Augmented Reality and its potential is strictly connected with the wearable devices that can enable immersive experiences both for the enterprise and consumer users. Many companies have… AR Blog & Mirko Ferrari